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Being one of the most well-established skincare brands around, Gatineau's popularity has gone from strength to strength ove the years.  They are leaders in innovation, using natural plant and seaweed extracts with a healthy dose of bio-technology to give unbeatable results.

Supreme Smoothing Facial    75 mins     £48

This advanced 3 zone facial combats the signs of ageing and offers both a targeted wrinkle action and improved firmness.  Using the scientifically proven 'youth molecule' - Melatogenine - together with high-tech formulas this facial is able to transform each area of the face with renewed youth.  Lines are smoothed, the face appears firmer and the skin looks radiant and healthy.

Skin Renewal Facial               60mins     £40

A powerful 'resurfacing' treatment designed for all skin types looking to refine skin texture and minimise the signs of ageing to restore a radiant complexion.  This facial combines a two stage exfoliation using advanced yet non-invasive techniques to effectively renew the skin without compromising the integrity.

Radiance Revealing Facial      60min      £40

Regain the radiance and luminosity to your skin with this poweful vitamin enriched booster facial.  Ideal for skins that have been exposed to environmental stress and the effects of modern living.  This powerful treatment rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C visibly brightens and revives skin texture whilst delivering a surge of moisture leaving it soft and supple.

SOS Purifying Facial                60mins      £40

A clear solution for oily skin.  This intense, deep cleansing facial will eliminate dead skin cells that lead to blocek pores, encourage skin oxygenation  and improve the appearance of surface imperfections.  Using naturally decongesting and soothing ingredients your skin will be left re-balanced and perfectly shine free.

Soothing and Wellbeing Facial      60mins     £40

For skins that appear lifeless, dull and blotchy this is an ideal facial to detoxify and soothe delicate skins.  With a myriad of gentle ingredients designed to strengthen the skins natural defence system and improve the micro-circulation, this treatment will immediately even skin tone, reduce redness and revive a lacklustre skin.

Pro-cleansing Facial                75mins       £45

This skin specific facial is suitable for all skin types and combines the benefits of Gatineau's high performance products together with the gentle galvanic and thermic stimuli to deliver powerful and visible results.  The skin is intensively deep cleansed whilst the poweful properties of specific plant gels are rapidly penetrated into the skin to provide instant hydration and softness and leave the skin youthful and radiant.

Pro-Lifting Facial                      60mins       £48

A highly effective non-surgical face lift designed for clients looking to lift and firm facial features and erase the dull sallow skin.  Combining the powerful effects of gentle stimuli with Gatineau's scientific expertise and high-tech products this facial reduces puffiness, improves skin smoothness and tones facial muscles.  With both instant and long lasting results the skin is left youthful, radiant and lifted.