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Phytomer, whose name means "ocean plants", is the first brand in the world to have integrated the benefits of the marine world into modern cosmetology.  Since founded in Saint-Malo in 1971, it has become a well-known brand that is proud to share its passion for marine-based cosmetics everywhere around the world.  

The ocean, a primordial soup, contains all of the elements (104 trace elements, minerals, and vitamins) essential for healthy skin and balance within the body.

All of us have our origins in marine species. The first living cells were born in the sea, and we have kept a close relationship with that birthplace: blood plasma and sea water share a very similar composition. Furthermore, the protective membranes within seaweed and our skin share similar means of defense, protection, and regeneration.

This astonishingly similar composition and behavior has allowed Phytomer laboratories to develop active ingredients and treatment products that are perfectly suited to and tolerated by the skin.

"Phytomer does not reinvent what nature has already created, it merely adapts it."



Sea Holistic Radiance Spa Treatment


Sea Holistic Radiance

Harmonising and Warming

Inspired by traditional Thai medicine with unique massage techniques to create harmony between mind and body. Using hot sachets filled with a blend of warming sea salt crystals and ocean spray lavender this treatment melts away tension, restoring balance and inner warmth. This treatment includes a luxury facial to make you feel completely pampered. Awaken your senses and capture a moment in time. (approx 1hr 15mins)



Sea Prestige Facial


Sea PrestigeIndulgent and Luxurious

Take time for a truly indulgent experience with Phytomer’s premium treatment. Enjoy the relaxing phase of Phytomer’s signature immersion technique.

This facial includes a trio of masks beginning with a rich creamy treat.

Then relax back with the cocooning mask designed to allow the active marine ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. 

Finally restore the skin’s radiance and luminosity with a mask enriched with powerful marine ingredients to give a rich mineral boost.

If that’s not enough in this top to toe luxury treatment we will double exfoliate the face and hands then complete a draining massage to the eyes and face. Skin toning prepares for the application of a restorative moisturizer leaving the skin looking radiant and youthful. (approx 1hr 30mins)


‘Take this me time, your skin deserves it’


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