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Mary Cohr SpA Aromatique® Slimming



Anti-Cellulite and Anti-Water Retention

An invigorating treatment that eliminates stubborn cellulite and slims down the figure.  Slimming Mask with pineapple and grapefruit extracts breaks down fatty deposits and boosts the lymphatic system for a draining effect.  Your skin is smooth, figure refined and mind refreshed.  (approx 1hr 15mins)



Mary Cohr SpA Aromatique® Relaxing


RelaxingRelaxation, Serenity and Well-being

A deliciously relaxing treatment to eliminate tension and relax the muscles, all the way down to the tips of the toes!  Combining Precious Scrub with Mango and Brown Sugar and an all-over massage with Relaxing and Soothing Essences, you will feel perfectly calm with a sublime sense of well-being.  (approx 1hr 30mins)



Mary Cohr SpA Aromatique® Draining


Decongesting and Soothing

An energising treatment to relieve sensations of tired and heavy legs.  The refreshing menthol effect of Ice Legs Lotion combined with the Soothing Leg Massage slims down the legs and leaves them feeling airy light and perfectly comfortable. (approx 1hr)



Swedish Massage


Full Body Massage  (approx 50mins)                             £32.00 

Back, Neck and Shoulders (approx 30mins)                 £20.00  

A relaxing and invigorating massage, relieving muscle tension, eliminating toxins and reducing physical and emotional stress.  Depending on client needs a choice of oils are used either for relaxation of muscles, tranquillity, detoxification or rejuvenation.  For your comfort, it is your choice to the pressure used during the massage.



Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage

This massage relieves stress from the tissues, muscles and joints of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp.  Other benefits can include; relief from headaches and migraines, relaxation and feeling of well-being, stimulation of hair growth and relief from anxiety and insomnia. (approx 45mins)




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